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We have launched a gofundme campaign to help alleviate child suffering in Tepa, Ghana.  

Funds will go to registering our non-for-profit in the USA and registering our NGO in the world.

The Pono Cocoa label is the first un the world slave free cocoa label available to righteous chocolate makers who contribute 1% of their profits to Pono Cocoa.  Applications are ready.

The Pono Cocoa funds, from righteous chocolate makers will go directly to effected area for school renovations, anti-child-slavery law enforcement, school supplies and infrastructure like roads and signs.  

If you are chocolate maker and you want your customers to know that you are contributing to the relief effort please message us and we will send you the application.

Once you have applied and been proven to donate 1% of your profits, you will be given the Pono Cocoa logo and image to use for your packaging and branding.  


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