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Pono Cocoa Certified Child-Slave Free Seal Stickers

Pono Cocoa Certified Child-Slave Free Seal Stickers


Finally available! (200 Stickers) You must be certified as Pono Cocoa before you can use these. We need to confirm your supply chain is free of exploitation before we ship you these. Stick these on your slave-free bars, on your bonbons, merchandise, counters, cafe doors, windows or anywhere!

200 Pono Cocoa Certified Slave-Free Stickers per 1 quantity.

No Recommended Donation to our Go Fund Me at!

Give today, and tomorrow with re-occurring donations at

You must be Certified Pono Cocoa to use this sticker label.


Reccommended Donation $45

  • By Donation Only

    This is for 200 Pono Cocoa Slave Free Certified Stickers to put on your Pono Cocoa Certified business, chocolate bar packaging, Donation Box and so much more! This really helps spread the message that you are making bespoke slave-free chocolate.

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