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 KNOW YOUR PONO | Definition: PONO
Hawaiian (pronounced [ˈpono]) nvs. righteousness, "a state of harmony or balance", goodness.

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What's behind the Seal?

The independent cacao farmer's Pono Cocoa Seal, is a notarized certification mark that identifies truly independent cacao farms and chocolatiers audited for our ethicality standards -- farmers and craft chocolatiers who only grow ethical cacao. We are looking for over 95% of all independent craft volume to join the movement and sign up to use the seal.


Get the Seal

Use of the Pono Cocoa seal is free for craft chocolate makers AND ethical cocoa farmers that:

  • Have a 100% ethical cocoa supply Chain

  • Meet Pono Cocoa’s independent cacao farm and/or craft chocolate maker definition.

  • Submit to our ethicality standards.

  • Sign the license agreement (access by providing your email below).

Check here to indicate that your facility or farm(s) meet(s) the qualifying criteria and to be taken to the license agreement. The license agreement will also be emailed to you after signing and sending to us.



Say Aloha and we will say mahalo.